The Most Advanced, Diverse, High-Performance Acoustic And Soundproofing Material On The Market.

Luxury Sound For Ordinary Life.

Soundproofing Material for Superior Performance

When it comes to acoustic experience, you deserve the best. Revolutionary MuteX™ soundproofing material delivers the ultimate auditory experience with superior sound blocking and acoustic balance. MuteX™ is the perfect solution for recording studios, automobiles, home insulation, building sound reduction, and more. With MuteX™, you will experience the finer things in life like never before. Our product delivers:

  • Superior sound blocking: MuteX™ has higher ratings for sound reduction than competitors, and works exceptionally well on mid-to-high frequencies.

  • Cost effectiveness: MuteX™ is priced below competing brands of similar quality, offering a cutting-edge product at an affordable price.

  • Easy installation: Simply staple or tack our thin, firm layer to wall studs or outer walls. MuteX™ soundproofing material can be personalized to your specifications to fit your space perfectly.

  • Resilience: Unlike foam, MuteX™ does not compress over time, maintaining a lifetime of sound resistance.

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"I have had the privilege of working in some of the best studios around the world in my 21 years of being an audio engineer/producer and I’m proud to say [my studio is] a very natural...and true sounding studio that my clients rely on. I never second guess my recordings thanks to the MuteX product. ...Read More

Decreased Noise by Half!

"It's been difficult recording my session playing due to noise pollution from next door. By draping MuteX on the wall, the noise is decreased by at least 6dB (more than half) and even more in the upper frequencies. I no longer have time constraints and can work while the room is occupied, thus saving me time, money and stress. ...Read More