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"...I live in a townhouse and share a wall with neighbors so I was looking for sound blocking material to hang on that wall which would then be covered by a curtain. (MuteX) has worked beautifully. The material was easy to cut into the dimensions I needed and it was light weight enough to hang from a double curtain rod. I can tell in my own living room that the sound is being absorbed much better and there isn't as much live sound bouncing throughout the room. Fortunately, I haven't heard any more complaints from the neighbors either. Thank you for providing a low cost, effective solution for my needs and for being so willing to listen and help me over the phone."

Lizbeth Atkinson

I have this in my home studio and it took almost 100 percent of the background noise that my condenser mic picks up! Great material!!!

Mukisa Valier

"I'm a professional composer, multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer working out of my rental apartment. It's been difficult recording my session playing due to noise pollution from next door (apartment common room). By draping MuteX on the wall facing the common room, the noise is decreased by at least 6dB (more than half) and even more in the upper frequencies. I no longer have time constraints and can work while the room is occupied thus saving me time, money and stress. Once I move into a permanent studio, I'm planning to purchase several MuteX rolls.

"Amazing price for the quality, friendly customer service. Overall, a great addition to sound room treatment."

Eiko Ishiwata

"Another product I've found that works really well is Mute-X I put it loosely onto the studs with carpet tape prior to installing the resilient channel and it made a major difference."

Theloniusx - Professional Audio Engineer

"Finally found a sound blocking product that actually works!! Thanks again!!!"


"When I found the MuteX product, the first thing I noticed was it being only 5.21 mm thick! Secondly, the white sheet on MuteX showed better levels of absorbing sound than a 4" thick foam type product. I had obtained a few rolls of MuteX and covered my untreated control room ceiling. Once the MuteX was installed, I instantly noticed the control room sounded tighter, livelier. I was thinking about stopping at that point, but I had some reflections from the front wall, so I ordered a few more rolls and finished the front wall. Perfect!

"I continued to treat my entire vocal booth with MuteX from floor to ceiling and what I got was a perfect sounding vocal booth. With all my vocal recordings, I get the true tone of the vocalist and vocal microphone with NO room overtones.

"My live room is semi-treated with MuteX on the ceiling and a half wall. This was to obtain natural reverb but to also cut down on drum and cymbal overtones or standing waves. Again, PERFECT!

"I have had the privilege of working in some of the best studios around the world in my 21 years of being an audio engineer/producer and I'm proud to say BOTA Studio is a very natural, flat and true sounding studio that my clients rely on. I never second guess my recordings thanks to MuteX."

Don "dB" Byczynski


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