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To attach Mute-X we recommend screwing, nailing, or using adhesive or double-sided tape. Here is a list of tapes and spray adhesives that have been tested and approved to not react with MuteX products.

Double Coated Tapes with adhesive 300:
- 3M 444, 44PC, 9009, 9019, 9039
Double Coated Tapes with adhesive 350:
- 3M 9500PC, 9500B, 9593, 3028EK
Double Coated Tapes with adhesive 3M 300LSE:
- 9474LE, 9495LE
Double Coated Polyethylene foam tapes:
- 3M 4462W, 4462B, 4466W, 4466B, 4492G, 4492W, 4496W, 4496B
Tesa 4961 Double Coated Paper Tape
Tesa 4965 Double Coated Film Tape
Tesa 4970 Double Coated Film Tape
Tesa 51970 Double Coated Film Tape
Scotch Weld Spray Adhesive 5, 80 & 1099

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MuteX is an effective sound blocking and absorption material and can be installed in a wide variety of applications. MuteX had been designed to go inside of walls, floors and ceilings. MuteX can easily be applied as a thin, firm layer of soundproofing between the sub-floor and the finished flooring of your home or business.

For walls and ceilings, to take full advantage of its sound blocking properties we recommend to tack or tape MuteX to studs and apply drywall on top. Installing MuteX between the drywall and studs decouples the drywall from the studs providing additional noise reduction. If there is an application that has an existing finished wall, we recommend to add another layer of Drywall with the MuteX going between the existing drywall and the new drywall.

MuteX can also be installed on the exterior of finished drywall as a sound insulator, with the soft side facing into the room to provide reverberation dampening, eliminating echo and create natural sounding vocals.

Our customers are constantly letting us know about creative ways and places they have installed MuteX, with varying results. One customer simply hung it in front of window from a curtain rod and effectively blocked traffic & road noise. MuteX may work in these situations, but it was designed and tested to go between walls and we cannot guarantee the results if installed outside of these parameters. Understanding the types of noise frequencies and how they are being transmitted is a complex subject. If you are unsure whether MuteX is the right product for your situation, please contact one of our knowledgeable staff.